Signs of Andropause That You Need To Know

Every man’s worse nightmare could be the inability to reproduce at a certain age. At a certain point in their lives, every man will be able to experience initial signs of infertility such as erectile dysfunction and the like.

However, in the natural course of the life history of a male individual, the ability to have an erection, produce sperms and ejaculate it does not really regress with age that significantly as compared to the female population. If for the females this is called menopause, for the men it is andropause.

Andropause is a term used for men when they start experiencing the signs and symptoms that women also experience when they have menopause.

But scientifically, this term is not appropriate because in men, there is no such thing as andropause or the point wherein they no longer produce androgen, a sex hormone.

What happens when men experience andropause?

Unlike in women, men do not have paucity in the production of their androgens. For the most parts in their lifetime, the levels of androgens in their body does not decrease significantly and therefore, they can still produce sperm cells and provide offspring even if they are 90 years old!

However, there are times when the reproductive tract and organs itself are deteriorating due to old age thus there would be an effect on the sexual capability of men resulting to problems with erection and ejaculation.

Howl old do men have their andropause?

The occurrence of andropause in men usually increases with age but they do not have a constant age value for this.

But for most statistics, when a man reaches his forties, there would be a greater chance for him to have his andropause of about 2 to 5 percent.

As the age range increases to the 5th decade of life, the chances of having andropause would increase to 20-45% already! Therefore, age is one of the greatest contributing factors for andropause.

What are the symptoms of andropause that every man should watch out for?

The symptoms of andropause are almost similar to the symptoms that women experience when they have their menopause.

  • Diminished sexual desire and erectile quality – this is probably the most alarming symptom among the many symptoms that a man would experience during andropause. And for most men, this is also very bothersome because for men, the sexual desire and satisfaction has been an important aspect in their lives.
  • mood changesMood changes – who says that only women can have mood changes?! Well they are wrong since men can do so too especially when they are in their andropause stage. Aside from this mood change, there is also presence of decrease or loss of intellectual activity.
  • Body Changes – such as having reduced body mass and loss of body hair is also an indicator that a man is nearing or in the stage of his andropause.

So these are the signs and symptoms that man should watch when he suspects that he is undergoing andropause. But it is always good to consult a doctor for this because they are the one’s who could advise you well and what to do about it or which supplements should you take.

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How to Achieve Weight Loss Despite Your Hectic Schedule

It is a fact that one of the many factors that deter a person from losing weight is lack of time for exercise.

After all, one of the most important things that a person can do in order for him to lose weight is to exercise so that he can get rid of the unwanted pounds and extra pounds that he has.

However, with the many weight loss products that are sold in the market today, one can get rid of the excess body fats that he has even without exercising.

The best thing is that these weight-loss products have been proven not only to be effective but safe, too.

  • HCG Supplements

Without question, some of the most popular weight-loss products in the market today are HCG supplements. These supplements can either be in the form of drops, pills, or injections.

Whatever your choice is, you can rest assured that you will lose weight even if you don’t spend a minute for exercise.

Why? It is because these synthetic hormones have been proven to be not only effective in dissolving clumps of fat but in suppressing the appetite, too. In fact, even just for 23 days, a person can already lose lots of weight and feel like a new person.

  • Xenical

xenicalPerhaps, this has been the most known weight-loss supplement for decades now. Hence, despite the gross side effect of this product, oily drippings, many people still go for it because they can easily lose weight with its help too.

This product works by absorbing the body fats and excretes them out of the body. Hence, it results to the oily discharges from the butts. If you have been hesitant to go for this product, because you have been disgusted with its side effects, you can mix a dietary fiber in a glass of water.

Then, you take Xenical with the water containing the dissolved dietary fiber. This will result to the clumping of the oily discharges that will be excreted out of the body through bowel movement.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

Another popular weight-loss product that is sold in the market today and getting the nod of many people if green coffee bean extract. These supplements have been discovered to be good at blocking the conversion of unburned calories to glucose.

If a person has high calorie intake, and he does not burn them, the calories will be converted to glucose. Glucose can turn into fats if not utilized, too. Additionally, these supplements are also good at suppressing the appetite.

You see, you don’t need to accept the fact that you become fat because you have no time for exercise. In fact, if you use any of the above-mentioned products, and you start losing weight, you may even take it upon yourself to find time for exercise.

After all, if there’s a will, there’s a way. However, in the event that you really are deprived of the time for exercise, you don’t need to worry; these weight-loss supplements can help you lose the unwanted pounds and inches.

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Different Types of Male Enhancement Pills

As a man grows older, there are many changes when it comes to the physical and physiologic activities of the body.

A man may get to experience weakness due to the decrease strength of the muscles and may have a hard time coping up with activities that would sometimes require more effort than usual.

But a major problem that many experiences when they get older is that their sexual performance and libido starts to decrease.

This is a problem especially to those who are married since maintaining the intimacy of their marriage would be already difficult if they start to experience sexual performance problems.

But not to worry since many companies and manufacturers have started formulating drugs and medications that would help and solve a man’s problem when it comes to sexual performance, maintenance of erection and libido.

These male enhancement pills work in so many ways in order to address this problem that men faces.

Below are the different mechanisms in which a male enhancement pill can help a man of older age:

  • Penis Pills

Some male enhancement pills are targeted to help increase the length of a man’s penis. The reason why some men are not satisfied with their sexual performance is because they are not satisfied with the length of the penis that was given to them.

This is the reason why a lot of men would find ways to increase the length of their penis because they believe that by doing so, they could give satisfaction to their sexual partners and in return, they will be satisfied with what they have achieved.

  • Sex Pills

sex pillsAs a man’s age increases, his libido decreases. Therefore in some men, they would like to take in pills that would increase their libido for easier and faster erection the next time they have a sexual encounter.

These sex pills are much common in the market and that its mechanism is relatively easy: the pill would contain vasodilator chemicals so that upon ingesting the drug, a man would easily get an erection and would have no problem if he gets to maintain it or not.

  • Herbal or Natural Viagra

Similar to the sex pills, these herbal or natural Viagra are preferred more men since it does not pose any deleterious health effects to the body.

Its main mechanism is to also aid in easy erection for men who have a problem with their libido levels during the beginning of a sexual act. Since it is made mostly of natural and organic chemicals, a lot of men prefer this because of its effectiveness and safety.

  • Sexual Health and Performance

The sexual health and performance of a man is very important to him because it helps him keep going and maintaining the relationship that he has with his partner.

Thus many male enhancement pills that targets to increase the libido and sexual performance of a man is being sold in the market because it is highly effective and safe.

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Electronic Cigarette and its Components

Quitting smoking is indeed a hard task for chronic smokers. Once they start smoking, it would be difficult for them to stop. If one wishes to really stop smoking, he or she must be very determined and disciplined in doing so.

He or she must avoid all the temptations that may lead him or she to smoke again since smoking can cause a lot of diseases of the lungs and heart.

But currently, they have invented a new type of cigarette that does not contain the chemical ingredients that is harmful like those found in the tobacco smoke. They call it the electronic cigarette or otherwise known as e-cigarette.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Unlike the tobacco cigarettes, this e-cigarette is an electronic inhaler or vaporizer that can vaporize a liquid solution found in the stick into a mist or aerosol mist that can stimulate and is similar to the act of tobacco smoking.

Why is it considered to be safe?

In some countries, this has been considered to be useful in smoking cessation since smokers who have been using the e-cigarette instead of the tobacco are no longer exposed to the harmful chemicals and smoke that the cigarette emits.

Since it only uses water vapor for its smoke effect, it can be considered to be very safe for the smoker’s lung and body. Therefore it can help in the prevention of the long term deleterious effects of smoking.

What are the components of an e-cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is made up of three major and important components.

These are the cartridge that is considered to be the mouthpiece and this is also where the liquid is stored, the atomizer where the liquid is vaporized and the battery which is very important so that the e-cigarette will function.

  • Cartridge

The cartridge is just a simple small piece of plastic container that has an opening on both ends. The cartridge is the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette and this is also where the liquid for the vapor is stored.

The cartridge also allows the passage of the said stored liquid to the atomizer (where the liquid is vaporized) and then the vapor from the atomizer back to the cartridge and then out to the mouthpiece, and this happens without leakage within the cartridge.

In the market nowadays, they are selling the liquid or also known as flavoring of the e-cigarette. There are many flavors that one can choose from and some of the flavors even come in the taste of those popular fruits such as watermelon, strawberry and many more!

  • Atomizer

atomizerAs what has been mentioned earlier, the atomizer serves as the vaporizer for the liquid in the e-cigarette. It contains a small heating coil that heat and converts the liquid into a vapor.

It is usually positioned in the center of the e-cigarette so that it will have a direct connection to the battery for it to be safer to use.

  • Battery

Of course, the battery is the most important part of the e-cigarette. Most of the e-cigarettes being sold are of the rechargeable type and one would only have to attach the e-cigarette to charger for it to be used again.

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Safety Measures for Penis Extenders

They say that size does not matter but for men, it apparently does.

Most men think that the larger their penis size is the more satisfaction that they could give to their sexual partners and it brings greater glory into their lives as a man.

It is where they get their confidence, sexuality and self-perception of being a “true man”. Therefore, for those men who have smaller penis size, it poses a problem to them and could sometimes be a cause of depression and devastation in their lives.

This is the reason why currently, we have a lot of products in the market that would offer to help in the increase of the length of a man’s penis size.

What are these penis extenders?

These penis extenders are mechanical devices that are worn over a man’s penis in order for him to achieve the desired length in a few months’ time.

It also comes with adjustable screws and bars so that a man could easily adjust the length of the penis extender.

A man has to wear it for at least a month to notice the results and up to 6 months (or maybe more) if he already has achieved the length that he wanted.

Types of penis extenders:

This product does not only come in one form but also comes in four different forms.

With this type of design, the consumer could choose which among the types of penis extenders that would be most comfortable for him.

penis extenderThe four types of penis extenders are: noose harnessing cradle with removable cradle, noose harnessing cradle without removable cradle, strap harnessing cradle with removable cradle and strap harnessing cradle without removable cradle.

To know which among the types that would suit you the most, better consult your physician so that he or she could help you in the decision making.

Problem: Wearing the Penis Extenders in Public

One problem regarding the use of penis extenders would have to wear it all the time. To maximize the increase of the length of a man’s penis, one must adjust the screws every fifteen minutes or so.

This is to make sure that one would get the desired length and this will also prevent your penis from going numb and losing its circulation.

Therefore wearing these in public would pose a very dangerous situation for a man’s penis and that it is best if one would just remove it and put it back on when he is back into the safety of his home.


Penis extenders can be worn under the clothing but these must be very loose jeans or sweat pants.

There are times wherein the tension gets too tight, you should immediately let it loose for at least an hour or so. Therefore it is best that one must wear this in a place where no one cares that you keep on adjusting the screws of your penis extenders.


Currently penis extenders are indeed effective yet bulky.

So if a man wishes to wear this to achieve his desired size, he must be able to comply with the instructions for wearing it to avoid consequences that may lead to head swelling or worse, impotence.

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Hormonal Therapies for Andropause

If women would have to undergo menopause, or the cessation of the production of sex hormones, at a certain point in their lives, the male population is also not excused from this.

In men, they call this stage in their life as andropause. However, in technical terms, andropause is not a correct term because in the life stages of men, they never get to experience a cessation of the sex hormone production but only a decrease of production and secretion of it.

When does andropause in men occur?

As a man ages, his chances of having andropause is also increased. However, there is no certain age group wherein this andropause could appear but most studies only show that is highly correlated with a man’s age.

In the statistics, it was found out that men in their forties have roughly two to five percent of chances of having their andropause stage and as they go through their fifties and higher, it could increase to as much as 50 percent

! But it is known that each man is different and that most probably, each man would have a different age stage whenever they will have their andropause.

Can andropause be treated?

The good news is that, andropause can be treated in a couple of ways. One of the causes wherein men have erectile and sexual dysfunction during their andropause moments is that they could be just under the effects of stress.

Therefore it is important that they undergo lifestyle modification by having moderate (or perhaps more) rest every now and then so that their sexual activity and desire would be improved.

They just have to remove the stressors in their lives so that they could enjoy the intimate relationships that they have with their partners.

Another type of andropause treatment is through hormonal therapy. These men could go to a physician for a consultation of the hormonal therapy method that would be the most effective and efficient for them.

Are the hormonal therapies effective?

Based from the results of the previous recipients of the hormonal therapy, it was found out that it was highly effective and safe and that it can guarantee good results.

The following are the benefits one can receive from taking in hormonal therapies:

  • Improved sexual function and activity
  • Improved erectile function and effective ejaculation
  • Improved mood (no more mood swings and loss of intellectual activity)
  • Improved body and strength to improved muscle mass
  • Increased bone density, and
  • Improved cardiovascular system and the circulation of blood

Aside from the mentioned great benefits, are there negative impacts that one could receive from hormonal therapy?

Sad to say that each therapy is not a perfect design and that there are also downfalls and these are:

  • Fluid retention
  • Liver toxicity
  • More problems with fertility
  • Sleep apnea
  • gynecomastiaTender or enlargement of the breasts (gynecomastia)
  • Polycythemia, and
  • Prostate growth

Therefore one must be fully aware when he plans to take these hormonal therapies. So it is highly advised that one should always consult a physician before taking these hormones.

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Weight Loss: How Much You Gain and Lose

Weight loss is a BIG goal. You may have tried almost all diet plans that you have read or heard of yet you seem to fail on everything. You are still in search for the best weight loss program. How can you effectively lose weight?

Losing Some Pounds

The best way to lose weight is to increase your activity expenditure and lower you calorie intake. A pound of weight will require you to burn up to 3500 calories.

Staying for several hours in the gym doing your workout won’t burn this amount of calories easily. When you try losing weight, you are getting rid of the body fat. So how can you effectively get rid of a pound of fat?

Cutting Back

Cut back on the food that you eat. You must lower your food intake in order to make the calories from what you eat lower than what you burn daily through activity.

If you have an intake of 2500 calories daily and you want to shed some pounds, you must lower your calorie intake by eating less than you usually do.

You can determine the number of calories you can take in order to shed some pounds by using weight loss calculators. You can specify how much you want to lose like if you want severe weight loss or moderate weight loss.

The said virtual calculator will help you identify how much calories you need to cut back depending on how much you want to lose.

Regular Exercise

Instructor Assisting Man with Pilates MachineYou can lose weight by lowering your daily intake of calories and increasing physical activity. You may think that dieting is impossible for you because you have work. You believe that dieting makes you less productive, irritable and weak.

You always find a need to have full meals and you can’t cut back on your eating. If this is your concern, you can still lose weight by increasing your physical activity.

If you are found seated all day on an office chair, you can hit the gym after work. This will allow you to burn up the calories you have stuffed your system with. It is a sort of compensation. You are trying to balance daily calorie intake and daily activity expenditure.

Try changing your habits at work. If you always ride an elevator because of an obvious reason of laziness, why not try walking those flights of stairs?

You can burn more calories by doing so. If you always drive from home to your office which is just a few blocks away, why not rise from bed early and walk your way to work?

Final Words

Try counting calories. Know how many calories are there on a slice of bread and a spoonful of peanut butter. Through this you can monitor how much gets into your system.

Also, know how much you burn in walking for 30 minutes or spending 20 minutes on a treadmill. If you can master these skills of counting calories and calorie expenditure, you can determine if you are more likely to lose or gain weight. Start counting now!

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Safe and Effective Male Enhancement Pills

For most men (and even women), it is a little bit awkward when it comes to discussing their status of their sexual performance.

Some say it is okay but the truth to that is a lot of men are suffering from poor sexual performance especially when it comes to maintaining an erection during a sexual activity. However, despite this situation, some of them would not even admit that they are having some problems.

But regardless of this, there are ways to help these men regain their sexual performance back to its full glory.

With a lot of male enhancement products everywhere in the market that could help increase their sexual stamina and activity, this problem can be easily solved probably after an hours of taking these male enhancement pills.

Currently, in the market, there are many male enhancement pills that are being advertised however only a few stood out.

Based on the reviews of the users of the pill, the male enhancement products that have been rated as great are the following:

  • ASP for Men

This product called ASP For Men is rated at 95% by its users. Its effect can be perceived as early as 30 minutes thus it will be very useful when it comes to emergency situations.

One great thing about this pill is that it is considered to be very safe and effective since its ingredients are known to have purely organic material that is known to have no deleterious or harmful effects on a man’s body or health.

All the ingredients are FDA approved rendering it truly safe. Currently, it is being offered at a buy 2 take 1 free deal and the current cost is at only $40! This pill should be taken at 30-45 minutes before sexual activity to enjoy its full effect.

  • Capatrex

capatrexAnother male enhancement pill that is considered to be effective and also safe is the Capatrex. This male enhancement pill is rated at 80% by its users.

Just like the previously mentioned male enhancement pill, Capatrex is also used 30 minutes before sexual activity and is also made up of pure organic materials that is safe to use and can indeed help increase the libido and sexual performance of men.

The only downside of this product is that its manufacturer never mentioned the rest of the ingredients found in this male enhancement pill.

Therefore it would be a little bit dangerous to take most especially for those who have allergic reactions to certain chemicals because they might go into an anaphylactic shock if ever they have certain allergic components.

  • Magna Rx

The third male enhancement pill is the Magna Rx and is proven to be safe and effective when it comes to inducing and maintaining a man’s erection, increase libido and improves sexual performance.

It is also rated as 80% safe and effective by its users.

The only downside is that the company did not give out the information on how this pill works thus some might experience unwanted side effects due to the non-disclosure of the ingredients and its mechanism.

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Health Concerns of Electronic Cigarette

Cigarette or tobacco smoking is the number one leading cause of deaths due to cardiac and respiratory failure worldwide. It is prevalent in all the countries worldwide and most of these are men.

However, there is also a current increasing trend of women who smoke and the statistics tend to be equal. Since a stick of cigarette is sold at a very cheap price, no wonder people who are addicted to it would have difficulty in stopping from smoking.

Tobacco also contains the very popular active ingredient nicotine that is toxic in a person’s body when inhaled or ingested in certain amounts over a period of time.

Recently, a device called electronic cigarette or e-cigarette has been introduced to the market in the hopes that people who are chronic and addicted to smoking would stop so that the harmful health effects of smoking (may it be primary, secondary or tertiary) will be stopped.

What is an electronic cigarette?

electronic cigaretteAn electronic cigarette is a device that stimulates the activity of a cigarette stick without being exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine.

Inside the device, one has to insert a certain liquid into it and also inside the e-cigarette; there is a heater that would convert this liquid into a vapor in order to create a smoke.

Thus when someone inhales the butt of this e-cigarette, one would still be able to blow out smoke afterwards and stimulating the activity of cigarette smoking itself.

One good thing about this is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that may pose a problem to a person’s health.

Is the electronic cigarette really safe to its users?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the health benefits that an electronic cigarette provides is 50-50 this means, it can partly help alleviate the health hazards that tobacco smoking gives to a person.

First of all, the liquid that is being used in an e-cigarette also contains a small amount of nicotine.

Therefore, even if a smoker thinks that by using the e-cigarette is making himself more healthy, this not a hundred percent correct since nicotine and other chemicals are still present in the liquid of the e-cigarette itself.

But one great thing about the e-cigarette is that the vapor it produces is no longer that harmful as compared to a tobacco thus the risk for people who experiences second hand smoking would decrease and the main health effect would only be applied to the person who is using this e-cigarette due to the presence of nicotine.

Bottom Line

The bottom line regarding smoking as a whole is to just start stopping and start living a healthy life. Even if the e-cigarette can’t give off problems when it comes to the smoke it gives off, the user will still be in a great risk of having certain diseases in the future.

Therefore it is indeed better to stop smoking, whether it be through tobacco or e-cigarette because smoking can kill you and that you are only given one life to live.

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Basic Facts on Penis Extenders

For many men, the length and size of their penis is their glory. The larger it is, the happier they become.

However, not all men are gifted with satisfactorily large size and sometimes; it could bring about pressure into their lives most especially with their friends.

Therefore, for those who are determined to look for solutions on how to increase their penis size, there are many ways that one can do in order to achieve their goal and these are called penis extenders.

Penis extenders do not come in forms of tablets, capsules, syrups or any type of injectibles. Since the size of a man’s penis is already determinate and it also comes with age, it is therefore almost impossible to increase its length by taking in some medications.

So if you find out a certain drug that is being advertised on televisions or in the malls regarding penis extenders, then one should not easily believe this because there are currently no proven medications that could significantly increase one’s penis size.

Most penis extenders are mechanical which mean that one has to wear it for a certain period of time for it to work.

How do these Penis Extenders work?

penis extenderAs what was mentioned earlier in this article, these penis extenders are mechanical devices that one has to wear for it to work. These penis extenders were known to have a hundred percent success rate and is also considered to be safe.

They work on the principle of traction, which means that the device would stretch your penile muscles to a certain maximal length for a couple of days or weeks in order to achieve the desired length of one’s penis.

These penis extenders are also adjustable. By adjusting the screws on the bars, one can easily adjust the length of the penis depending on the desired or comfortable length.

So if you wish to extend more your penis size then adjusting the screws to incorporate a lengthier penis would be easy to do.

Is traction of the penis safe?

The principle of traction has been practiced for 30 years already. If done properly, there would be minimal or no side effects at all thus traction has been considered to be safe.

During traction or stretching of the penile muscles, there will be a resulting destruction of cells. But don’t worry, the body has its own way of compensating for the damage by producing and replacing the damaged cells.

Due to this increased number of cells, there will be a resulting tissue growth that would eventually cause the increase size of the penis.

What other benefits can one get from penis extenders?

It has been said that these penis extenders can also improve the circulation and will eventually have an effect on the erection and sexual stamina of an individual.


After a month’s time, there will be a noticeable increase in the penis of a person. And after around six months, the desired result can now be observed and the satisfaction of the user guaranteed.

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